Today at 4:00 PM, Senate Finance will be taking public testimony on SB70, SB26 & SB21 – all proposals to use Permanent Fund Earnings to help balance Alaska’s budget.

If you ever wanted to weigh in, this would be the time.

If you are interested in testifying, please plan on arriving at your local Legislative Information Office early so you can sign up to speak (testimony is limited to 3 minutes). Those wishing to testify must sign up by 6:00 PM.

Legislative Information Office Directory

If you can’t testify in person you can participate by calling 1-844-586-8085. Written comments for the official record can be submitted to the committee via email, at [email protected]v.

Alaska’s Future supports a long-term fiscal solution that includes reduced spending, new revenues and using a portion of Permanent Fund Earnings to close the state’s budget deficit.