Alaskans testified before the Senate Finance Committee on March 6, 2017 about three proposed budget solutions – SB 21, SB 26 and SB 70. The following are excerpts from some of the public testimony submitted:

“We would like to express support for the approach to use of the permanent fund as part of a long-term fiscal plan for Alaska. We leave it to the legislators to work out the details of the best plan to support Alaska’s needs for stable, sustainable funding.”
– Amy Lujan Executive Director Alaska Association of School Business Officials (ALASBO)

“I am fully in favor of using permanent fund earnings in a responsible manner to pay for important government services.”
– Janice Zilko, Anchorage

“Using a portion of the PFD to reduce the budget has to be a part of any comprehensive solution. The purpose of the PFD was to provide a “rainy day” backup solution for Alaska – that “rainy day” is here.”
– David Bishop, Anchorage

“You will have to use PFD money to balance the budget. You can’t cut your way out. It would cause a huge problems for our economy.”
– Sue Petersen

“Please don’t be afraid to make the hard choices. I do not have all the information you have, so I cannot tell you exactly how to come up with needed revenue, but I will accept a sales or income tax, a smaller PFD .check. Don’t put off making decisions. It is better to do it now. No one wants to pay more, but we must if the State is to survive this crisis.”
– Melanie Kopperud, Norse Alaska LLC

“You have my support to use some of the Permanent Fund earnings to help pay for things like Schools and roads.”
– Todd Syverson

“I believe using the permanent fund to pay for about 2/3 of the deficit while retaining a dividend of about $1000 is the logical solution. I urge support of such action as HB6I/SB26 or SB7O. Most of all I expect that the elected officials solve this problem THIS LEGISLATIVE SESSION.”
– John Cooley

“I strongly support the passage of a comprehensive fiscal plan that is forward looking and long term. I voice support for SB 70 and SB 26.”
– Penny Gage

“Alaska has been good to my wife and me and to our kids. It’s time we started paying back.”
– Mike and Marcy Wisnewski

“I believe that a large part of the solution is contained in SB7O and SB26, which are similar in that they would protect our Permanent Fund, Ensure continued future PFD checks, cut the budget deficit by two thirds, and end our reliance on oil and gas revenues to fund our government.”
– William Tatsuda, Ketchikan

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